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Ring of ours

We have been in the normal flow of life for many years. We have completed many rings for ourselves. Over the years, we have worked hard in the field of advertising and design, but first we always had to compete within ourselves.

   ​ We were established Ring Advertising in such a period that we were transferred from the typesetting, printing, and single television eras toward the artificial intelligence universe. And while the technological dimension of the business changed in all developments parallel to time, we have seen the invariance of philosophy.

   ​ Visual communication was essentially to create signs of a work’s unique aesthetic integrity, function, and identity. It was the manifestation of identities with a certain design logic.

   ​ Our main goal was to move forward with solutions that fit the spirit of the time. Even though our biggest trump card in our ring area was “change”, the basic premise was the same. Doing good work…

   ​ And our excitement...

   ​ Maybe this is the most valuable thing, we have always felt the magic of being able to produce something new and find a different way. Every day we re-discover the aesthetic, visual and impressive form of life.

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